What DO you do again?

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Considering most PR agency folk can’t explain to their own mothers what they do for a living here’s an initiative that should make life a lot simpler.

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is supporting the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) “PR Defined” initiative, which is a collaborative, industry-wide effort to develop a modern definition for the new era of public relations.

Sounds like a load of hot air already…but bear with me on this one…

Apparently, the PRSA wants to modernise the definition of public relations and increase its value. I’ll have some of that I hear you murmuring.

The PRSA says that as the digital age has caused significant shifts in how organisations communicate internally and externally, a question frequently asked by the public, media and practitioners is, ‘What is public relations?’

You and me both buddy…you and me both…

This coincides with the publication of the CIPR’s own research “PR 2020: The Future of Public Relations,” which highlights the need for better definitions of public relations.

The PRSA is inviting PR professionals to share their insights and perspective on what defines the modern practice of public relations, and is working with industry partners to gain further input and support.

Jane Wilson, the big cheese at the CIPR, said:

Our own research in to what professionals believe will help build a successful future for PR points firmly to the need for better definitions of public relations. Our own definition is sound, but may not be entirely reflective of the scope of modern practice.

 As our profession evolves, the challenge is not only to attempt to capture the diversity of disciplines within it but also to reflect the rapidity of changes in modern practice in an increasingly integrated and digital environment. Professional Public Relations makes a major impact to business and society and testing a sound and relevant definition is worthwhile and timely exercise to ensure that we properly communicate the value of what we do.

PR Professionals themselves have widely diverging opinions on the nature of public relations. It might be the case that a one-size-fits-all definition is very difficult to reach, but the process of trying will be very instructive. The PRSA have come up with a timely initiative and we will fully participate and will encourage our members to take up the chance to contribute.

I’m looking forward to the debate already. No really, I am. Honestly. Will you keep me posted please?

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