Well done Iceland PR team

logo for icelandI’m impressed with the PR nous waged by the North West-based supermarket chain ‘Iceland’ following the news about three people accused of taking food from the bins outside their Kentish Town store.

It told the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that it did not agree with or instigate the prosecution of the trio who got nicked.

When my eldest daughter came home from University with tales of ‘skipping’ (rooting around in bins outside supermarkets for free food chucked out by over-zealous supermarket managers) I was impressed. What a great way to eat for free and make a political statement I thought. It sounded like good fun – larking about in the dead of night with a load of hippies.

The ‘food bank’ generation now doesn’t need to buy basic provisions such as milk, tea, sugar and biscuits. It can politely queue up at a local food bank and get it for free. Some people say this is the ‘fault’ of the nasty coalition Government and a clear signal of the ‘cost of living crisis’ spin spewed out by Labour. They’re wrong.

The growth in the number of food banks is simply supply and demand. People would rather get stuff (especially basic commodities) for free than pay for it.

Is it any wonder that people are queuing around the block?

I digress. The fact that Iceland recognised the potential backlash from certain members of its parish is testament to skilful PR management and a lesson in how to avoid being tarred as a ‘nasty’ brand.

Iceland PR team – I salute you.

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