Top ten PR tips for SMEs

PR tips for small businesses

Getting the basics of PR right means that you’ll see the benefit of plenty of free media coverage for your business.

Too many businesses either don’t have the time or resource to focus on PR and marketing but there are a few small things that you can do to make a difference. I’ve put together ten quick PR tips for your  company.

1)      Write and place press releases
2)      Get decent photography of your people
3)      Place feature articles in key media
4)      Contribute to features in the media
5)      Manage your social media platforms
6)      Meet some key journalists
7)      Comment on industry issues
8)      Make sure all your marketing collateral is joined-up
9)      Collate and distribute your media coverage
10)   Create and share ‘content marketing’ material – white papers, research and viewpoints

If you do a couple of these things you’ll see a real difference in no time at all.

About Peter Davies

I'm a Manchester PR agency man. I work at RMS, the UK-based independent PR and marketing agency, I'm also a daddy and a football referee. Call me on 07779 033 016.
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