The internet is always wrong…sometimes

Come To Bed Now

The more time you spend on the internet the more you realise that everyone is wrong and you are right. Paul Weller once sang the more I know the less I understand and I can relate to that.

I’ve got strong views on all the main current affairs stories that pop up in my social media feeds and inbox. I gave up years ago fruitlessly arguing online with people I didn’t know and the same is true for Twitter.

I now realise that my views probably aren’t any stronger than yours and if you’re reading this blog or following me on Twitter then you’re going to have similar interests as me anyway.

Perhaps I should become a councillor and work my way up to parliament? I just haven’t found a political party that represents me adequately.

I’m currently doing some work with Trafford MBC. Maybe it will prompt me into more direct action?

For now, I’ll just rant at Question Time.

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I'm a Manchester PR agency man. I work at RMS, the UK-based independent PR and marketing agency, I'm also a daddy and a football referee. Call me on 07779 033 016.
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