Smoking is less addictive than tweeting

facebook addictionResearchers have found that we are more likely to reach for Facebook and Twitter than we are to reach for a cigarette or our favourite alcoholic beverage. The research involved more than 200 participants and researchers believe that this is likely to be because the dangers of smoking are more inherent and existent than any perceived dangers with social networking. This recent study is the latest that shows how we really love our social media websites.

Several months ago it was revealed that the first thing many of us do when we wake up is to log on to Facebook. Apparently, we do this even before we go to the toilet, get dressed, or do anything else. Numerous reports have also showed that we spend too much time on social media websites while at work and that social media usage on mobile devices is displaying a marked increase.

What does this mean for the a PR consultant?

Well, it means that you probably found this blog through Twitter, Facebook or Linked-In.

Does this mean you are addicted to social media? Probably.

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