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I’ve been quick to promote my own media training services following the appearance of Chloe Smith on Newsnight.

If you haven’t seen the interview – and you’re prepared to cringe for several minutes as Smith gets owned by Paxman then here it is for your viewing pleasure.

However, I’d rather show you the only known example of Jeremy Paxman getting his own ass handed back to him to him after trying to outwit a Welsh economist with the same sneering interview technique. This time, he picked a battle with the wrong man.

If you are looking for media training in Manchester – then call me now on 07779 033 016. I work with ex-BBC journalists, ex-editors of national and regional newspapers.

Since 1999, I have coached Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Partners and other professional and business executives on how to handle broadcast, print and online interviews. 

I host my sessions at Media City UK and each delegate receives a fully integrated media training covering broadcast, print and online techniques to handle the media. 

If you are an in-house PR department looking to book media training I can help arrange a practical, valuable half-day or full-day training session. Prices start at just £750 per person. Call me now on 07779 033 016 for more details.

If Chloe Smith’s appearance is an example of how not to handle Jeremy Paxman’s interview technique – then this effort below is a good example of exactly how to handle him. The fun really begins at 2:15.


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