Manchester PR agencies deliver the’ best ideas’

The brain is exposed to 3000 brands every dayPR agencies are the group most likely to deliver creativity and ‘best ideas’ to comms directors, according to research by PR Week. This is a big change from last year when agencies were lagging behind in-house teams and advertising agencies.

Earning attention – rather than buying attention – gets more important every single day as the human brain overflows with brands jostling for space. 3,000 marketing messages per day are soaked up by the brain.

Clearly, the ideas from PR agencies need to be budget conscious, carefully executed, cut through all channels and measured. The days of ‘throwing money at a problem’ have all but disappeared which explains why the ad agencies and media agencies are stumbling on the ‘ideas’ metric.

What’s really interesting is that Manchester PR agencies (those that are already directly employed) have better ideas than the marketing team employing them. This may appear obvious – after all that’s why they are being hired in the first place – but it’s encouraging that we (PR agencies) are more often than not coming up with the big idea from a marketing perspective.

Rather than being employed to amplify an existing campaign we’re now being hired to come up with the campaign in the first place. PR agencies that have invested in digital, design are reaping the benefits of this increasing trend.

Alarmingly for some readers, the average client/agency relationship is now 11 months.

I see this fluidity as an opportunity.

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