Local press gets PR boost

Vintage Manchester Evening News Paperboy in Altrincham

Being famous in your own backyard is always the starting point for a PR campaign. If people in the same street, village or town haven’t heard of you – why should the rest of the world care?

A new campaign launched today by the Newspaper Society promotes the virtues of local media and is offering £15m of free advertising up for grabs to local businesses. Most PR guys will agree that local media is notoriously tricky to penetrate if it’s not your local media. That’s the reason why ‘Tamara’ from a London PR agency finds it tougher to sell in stories to the Manchester Evening News than slotting something in Vogue. It’s a hard gig in reverse too.

Local media is mission critical for any PR campaign you’re looking to run. It’s not all ‘cat stuck up a tree’ stuff. There are more than 1,200 regional and local newspapers and the local press is the UK’s most popular print medium, read by more than 33 million people each week. Local media employs 30,000 people in the UK including 10,000 journalists.

Whether papers will be replaced entirely by newswires (still…) remains to be seen. In my experience web-based publishers and print-based publishers are doing well or at least better than they were a couple of years ago in the depths of the recession.

If you’re a business in Manchester and you want a chance to win a slice of £15m of free advertising see here.

As well as feeding stories to the local press for the past twelve years I’m probably the only person on my street who still gets the Manchester Evening News delivered by a paperboy.

My gramp did it, my dad did it, now I do it. Will Harry? I hope so.


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