Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (JBYCDMYS)

Don't ever use a QR code ... ever

Don’t ever use a QR code…ever

Inspired by an article I read in Marketing magazine – written by Helen Edwards of Passionbrand I’ve come up with six things in PR you shouldn’t do just because you can.

1)      Use QR codes in your campaigns. Nobody ever uses QR codes. They never have and they never will. They look ugly too.

2)      Blog. You probably can’t write. Even if your brand could write – what would it say? Your brand would probably use a different tone of voice and sentiment than you do. So close that WordPress blog down.

3)      Tweet. Unless you are James Dyson, Alan Sugar or Richard Branson don’t tweet on behalf of your brand in your own tone of voice. Unless you are a micro business it is likely you need a close look at your own brand sentiment.

4)      Use service station business card machines. I know its fun. It’s cheap. The quickest way to fuck up your own personal branding is to hand over a cheap business card.

5)      Upload videos to YouTube. Of course you’ve got an iPhone. Of course you’ve got an editing app. Of course you can make your own corporate video. After all everyone’s after authenticity. Aren’t they? Err, no.

6) Create a Facebook fan page without paying to play. If you don’t pay Facebook – nobody will read your posts. Well, less than 3% of people who have liked it will. You need to support your Facebook campaign with cash or your efforts will fail.

So remember people – JBYCDMYS – just because you can doesn’t mean you should! 

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