Is PR the new advertising?

Of course you know that PR is the best value for money marketing spend you can get and if you’re reading this blog you’ll know the power of PR over advertising.

Danny Rogers, editor of PR Week makes a neat observation in his opener for the PR Week ‘Top 150 Consultancies’ report that two current marketing trends play into the hands of PR specialists rather than the ad men.

Social media, which is more of a ‘conversation’ than a ‘broadcast’ is something that PR people are better at than advertising guys. Marketing budget trimming has also meant less spend on paid media (advertising) and more on earned media (PR) which generally has a lower cost and higher ROI.

Highlighting some key facts Danny explains:

“What we do know, however, from recent Advertising Association figures, is that ad spend from 2009-10 grew by 6.9 per cent. And yet PRWeek’s Top 150 PR Consultancies report, published today, reveals that PR spend over the same period grew, on average, by 9.24 per cent.”

I agree with Danny that PR is not the new advertising and that it doesn’t need to be. PR is PR and will continue to thrive in the current climate. Well done to all the Manchester PR agencies who made the grade this year in the PR Week report.


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