Is it worth blogging anymore? Is anybody out there?

is there anybody out there

Is there anybody still out there?

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here but there’s a simple explanation. Since I started this blog I’ve had three amazing children born so my time away from PR world is precious. Given the choice between football with my sons or writing a post about social media PR strategies, I’ve chosen the former. PR parents, I’m sure, will understand.

During this time I’ve been using Twitter and Linked-In quite a lot more than ever to communicate with people.

Taking a look at this blog made me reflect on the reasons why I launched it in the first place and got me pondering whether a blog about PR is relevant in 2015?

The reason I started this blog was simply to see if I could rank a website organically, pretty quickly, for the term ‘Manchester PR agency’. It ranked pretty quickly and was doing really well in Google climbing to the first page. As I’ve blogged less frequently it has dropped down Google quite a bit but it still holds a respectable position and I still get quite a lot of traffic through the site.

When I started this blog it was generally assumed that to be a ‘thought leader’ you had to host your own blog on your own domain and maintain it regularly. I started this blog in 2011 and the social media boom which has occurred since has given blogs like this a run for their money in terms of ‘engagement’. All the UK PR bloggers will probably agree.

The attention span of people is smaller than at any other point in humanity. Consumer attention span is now measured in milliseconds and B2B attention span is even less. The chances that you’re still reading this and not flicked elsewhere are pretty slim indeed (thank you for bearing with me!).

For the same reason that pre-roll advertising on YouTube doesn’t work for most brands the art and power of self-hosted blogs has been lost during the past five years. I know many people who had their own personal and professional blog who simply don’t bother anymore – preferring instead to spend time curating their Twitter timeline or their Linked-In posts. What’s also apparent is that people can tweet in real time as events unfold. Although the life of these tweets is shorter, the impact of an artfully constructed blog is less.

I don’t think the art of the blog has died – I think there’s less value in it because more people are using social as a means of search. So, if I want to find out about anything or research a product, movie or company I’ll use social media as a way of finding out more – and getting (what I believe to be) more independent viewpoints (from complete strangers in real life).

So, the conclusion I’ve drawn is that it’s not the death of the blog but the blog needs to bring something that social media can’t. I’m still working out what that is.

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