How can brands exploit Facebook video chat?

Facebook Video Chat for Brands

Facebook’s new feature is a real time live video chat facility. You don’t need to type text in real-time to your friends (yawn…it seems so antiquated already) but you can speak face-to-face via a Skype application embedded in Facebook anywhere in the world for free.

But how can brands capitalise?

The feature isn’t currently available for fan-pages. Grrr…

Until then. . . I’ve thought of an idea. Now, hear me out.

What follows is an interruption marketing tactic . . .  on steroids:

1)      As the PR person running a Fanpage you should ‘add’ all the people who have ‘liked’ your brand – accompanied with a message to say that you are the PR person representing your client and as loyal fans they’ve been chosen to take part in an exclusive competition to win £1,000 (or a lifetimes supply of the product you’re PR-ing)

2)      Leave it a week while you wait for people to ‘confirm’ friendship.

3)      Create a branded ‘Andy Crane / Gordon the Gopher / Edd the Duck style broom-cupboard’ in the PR agency.

4)      Get to the office on a Monday morning, settle down into the branded broom cupboard, open your Facebook account on your laptop and see which of your new found friends are online.

5)      Connect with one via video chat.

6)      When they answer and you see the whites of their eyes say: “Hello! I’m xxxxx from xxxx and I’m delighted to tell you that you’ve won a year’s supply / £1000 for being such a loyal fan of our brand.”

7)      Send prize.

8)      Await online advocacy by delighted consumer.

9)      Send press release to all the marketing/media/PR blogs and magazines explaining the campaign and what a clever agency you are.

10)   Bask in the glory of being heralded as the creative PR agency that used the world’s first Facebook chat/real-time/social media/interruption marketing PR engagement strategy.

11)   Collect award (judges get all excited over new social media tactics).

12) Get cited all over the web as a PR genius. The end.

It’s authentic, personal, positive, engaging and fun. Isn’t it? What do you think?


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I'm a Manchester PR agency man. I work at RMS, the UK-based independent PR and marketing agency, I'm also a daddy and a football referee. Call me on 07779 033 016.
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