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freelance pr manchester

Since launching my PR career in 1999 I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of experienced freelance PR consultants¬†operating in Manchester.

There are still relatively few PR agencies in Manchester but the number and quality of freelance PR consultants is growing.

Why is there a freelance PR Manchester boom?

If you compare the number of PR companies to the number of law firms there is a 5,000% difference. With more than 400 law firms in Manchester and less than 25 established agencies employing more than two people is it really true that Manchester is a good city for PR services?

The number of freelance PR agents in Manchester has grown since the recession in 2007 for obvious reasons.

So, who are the best freelance PR consultants in Manchester? And when is it better to go to a PR agency? Freelance PR Manchester style certainly looks set to grow in 2014 and beyond.

Some clients need breadth of knowledge across a bigger, deeper agency. Others are looking for smaller, more nimble operators. Marketing budgets are an issue of course.

It’s not necessarily cheaper to hire a freelance PR Manchester but it can make sense if the brief is a pure regional media relations role. If there are other components to a campaign and you’re looking to fulfil it all under one roof with one sole point of contact then a PR agency may be a better bet.

The choice is bewildering for clients and for the inexperienced marketer choosing a PR agency can be a tricky task. Manchester is a hotbed of marketing talent and there are plenty of agencies and freelance PR people to choose from. You have to take your time, meet a few and see what approach you prefer. Most PR people should be happy to meet you if you are serious about your brief and are prepared to share as much detail as you can about your objectives.

If you get stuck choosing between a PR freelancer and a PR agency in Manchester – don’t hesitate to call me¬†on 0161 927 3131.


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