Where are all the creative PR ideas?

Creative PR ideas

There’s an increasing demand from clients for PR agencies to be more creative when it comes to executing campaigns.

PR Week carries a couple of interesting items on this theme of creative PR ideas.

The headline this week concerns Mars (the confectionery firm not the planet) who are in talks with various UK agencies to raise the profile of what it describes as ‘secondary brands’. The underlying message is that it is seeking a more creative PR strategy for its range of brands which include Milky Way, Bounty, Revels and Tracker.

It’s fair to say that Mars has fallen behind in the public’s mind in face of stiff competition from other chocolate brands like Cadburys and Nestle who have both overcome challenges in recent times too.

On the ‘we want more creativity’ theme there’s a piece entitled A failure of creativity? which describes the gloom felt amongst PR agencies that not a single PR agency won an award at the PR Lions in Cannes this year.

Every single award – including the PR awards – was won by advertising agencies.

I repeat:

Every single award – including the PR awards – was won by advertising agencies.

It prompted Weber Shandwick chief Colin Byrne to tweet:

Guide for PR at Cannes. Cheer up. Hug an ad creative. Drink their free booze. Pinch their ideas. (Maybe hire them). Pinch their business

The way PR agencies are traditionally structured with account handlers expected (in many cases) to be totally multi-skilled is perhaps one of the weaknesses of the traditional model.

It’s no wonder the emphasis on creativity is light when account executives and account directors are operating such a multi-faceted role. Segmenting people according to their skill-set in an agency (like Golin Harris has proposed) and enabling them to work in groups is a sensible idea.

Obviously, all agencies are structured differently. Larger corporates and networked agencies are a different beast from even the largest independents.  At the small and medium sized agency level of the market the demand for multi-skilled ‘all rounders’ is as strong as ever. What do you think?

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