Where are the best PR photographers in Manchester?

manchester PR photographerWho are the best PR photographers in Manchester? I’ve worked with dozens of good (and bad) ones down the years. But what makes a good PR photographer?

A well-known business editor tells me that stories with a good picture have got a 99 per cent chance of making it on the page. So many great stories have poor photography and it’s all too often overlooked by clients and PR agencies as extra expense.

An extra little investment goes a long way in getting the results everyone wants. There’s no getting around the fact that professional photography beats ham-fisted amateur attempts every time.

For the record, here are six things I look for in a professional PR photographer:

1)  a decent online portfolio featuring testimonials from happy corporate clients.

2) a proper studio that is properly equipped with cameras, lighting and editing suite.

3) art direction deliverd with confidence and experience.

5) an eye for a ‘press pic’ as well as corporate photography.

6) good service and prompt editing and delivery of images.

7) long terms relationships. PR agencies often work for years with good photographers who are technically brilliant and able to build a trusted relationship at the same time.

So who is the best Manchester PR photographer? That’s a tough question to answer but I can highly recommend some of these guys who I know and trust to deliver an excellent job: Jason Locke, Matthew Seed, Karen Wright and Dave Thompson.

Who do you think are the best photographers in Manchester?

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