Agency personality . . . which one are you?


stakeholder charmerPR Week discusses the different personality types found in public relations. Research by the magazine and APCO reveals there are typically six personality types found working in-house.

In-house PROs were asked to pick which persona they identified with most in the workplace from a choice of six: stakeholder charmer, strategy king, media junky, padberry addict, clipboard wizard and ideas dreamer.

While the study focuses on in-house PRO’s it’s useful to get a handle on the personality types in the industry.

A good start for PR companies is the Belbin team role theory.

If you’ve never done the Belbin test in your business then I highly recommend it. It’s a good insight into what makes your people tick and where your next recruit should be coming from. According to Belbin, a business should have an even spread of team roles in order to truly excel. Here’s the PR Week item in full along with the most ‘typical’ PR types.

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