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How can brands exploit Facebook video chat?

Facebook’s new feature is a real time live video chat facility. You don’t need to type text in real-time to your friends (yawn…it seems so antiquated already) but you can speak face-to-face via a Skype application embedded in Facebook anywhere in … Continue reading

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Pitches can be bitches

A good story about pitching is told by Jerry Della Femina in his seminal 1970 book ‘From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor’.  The tale comprises of two hapless agency guys presenting a campaign to a prospect and … Continue reading

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Neuromarketing is PR

Neuromarketing is probably what Bill Hicks was really raging about in one of his most famous routines. Beefing up your brand with the help of clever, bespectacled men in white coats is de rigeur for big brands. Neuromarketing helps brands … Continue reading

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A new PR infographic

You can always rely on Brian Solis to come up with a nice infographic. The architect of the world famous Conversation Prism (as adorned on t-shirts and posters by social media agencies worldwide) made such a global impact in 2008 … Continue reading

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